How OhMyDosh Works

Earn money by completing offers on OhMyDosh.

These offers could be anything from a free trial, completing surveys or switching your energy supplier.


Choose an offer

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Complete offers
EARN £5.00

Complete offers

Found an offer you like? Hit the green button to complete it.

Instructions and terms can be found on individual offer pages.

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Offer becomes payable

Once completed, your offer will change to pending. Usually within 24 hours - but up to 7 days - your offer will be approved and the reward added to your OhMyDosh balance.

The time taken to become payable varies by offer - Lightning Payouts take just 3 days.

Payable offers


Cash out

Cash Out

Once you’ve reached £10 you can cash out or carry on earning.

Get paid directly into your bank account or via PayPal.

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Want to know more?

Try our frequently asked questions below, or check out our Helpdesk.

How do I start earning with OhMyDosh?

It's easy! Just sign up, complete offers and earn dosh!

Does OhMyDosh cost anything?

Nope! OhMyDosh is completely free to use.

When can I cash out?

Once you've earned £10 you can cash out.

What are the cash out payment methods?

You can cash out directly into your bank account or via PayPal.

Do I have to wait for an Offer to update before I can do more Offers?

Nope! You can do as many Offers as you like at the same time.

Still need help? Visit our Helpdesk